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My name is Antiwan Tyson. I am a 44 year-old fitness professional, born and raised in the borough of Brooklyn. I have always been in the service of others, beginning long before I was even old enough to be legally employed. I have been a personal trainer for approximately six years, four of which were as a certified trainer.

During the two years prior to obtaining my certification, I worked on perfecting my skills by training close friends and relatives. The positive feedback I received, and witnessing their complete physical transformations only heightened my passion for personal training. During my four years as a certified trainer, I worked independently for two years, and worked for Blink Fitness for the remaining two years. My experience at Blink Fitness has provided valuable insight into trainer development and the marketing side of the business and for that I am eternally grateful.

I am committed to getting my fellow man off the couch and on a mission to being the best they can be. My dedication to transforming the lives of others through fitness necessitates that I constantly expand my knowledge, education, and techniques, to remain cutting edge as I continue to provide excellent service to my clients. I am looking forward to transforming many more lives on my journey.

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Personal Training

Affordable one-on-one training customized to the clients' needs wants and limitations.

Stability and Mobility Training

Programming that focuses on balance stability in the joints and muscles, also lengthening muscle and increasing range of motions for pain free and functional movement

Weight Management

Programming using daily calorie expenditure to either lose weight or gain lean muscle mass.

Fitness Nutrition

Learn the correct ways to fuel your body based on your body type and your training regimen.

Resistance Weight Training

If you ever thought about building body this is for you, complete with starting resistance, rest periods, and progressions.

Our Monthly Classes

Private training packages ( one on one )

4 days per week 60 minute sessions


3 days per week 60 minute sessions


2 days per week 60 minute sessions


Block training Packages ( training next to two others )

4 days per week 60 minute sessions


3 days per week 60 minute sessions


2 days per week 60 minute sessions


Customized workout plan $60



Being Body


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